On this page you will find our sales agreement and also a little
information on shipping charges along with our basic Poodle price list..
This is our sales agreement. Be sure to read it. When you buy one of our pups
this is what you are agreeing to.
     Poodle Price list

Approximate adult weight                                               Price
6 lbs to 9 lbs/ generally 9" to 10"  (toy)                    $500 to $1000
4 lbs to 6 lbs/ generally 8" to 9" (tiny toy)               $600 to $1200
2 lbs to 4 lbs/ generally under 8" (teacup)           $750 up to $1500

Females and Specialty colors (dark Reds, Phantoms, browns, and Parti's)
will lean toward the higher end to the price list. We will try to post a picture
of the puppy at 10 to 12 weeks of age with price and size listed with each
puppy.  *****important notice***** WE CAN ONLY ESTIMATE
We do accept non refundable deposits to hold a specific pup for you...
Remember if you change your mind deposits are non refundable...
We do not guarantee against Loose patella's in Tiny pups because loose Patellas are so
common in the teacup breeds.. If you are concerned about getting a pup with loose Patellas
then you should think about getting a larger sturdier pup. Maybe a nice Toy size
Shipping information
I do offer shipping with Delta. Due to the high cost of fuel and a huge increase in the airfare
At this time shipping cost are 325.00, Hopefully the cost of shipping will drop some when the
Gas prices go down a little . This covers everything that is needed for shipping including the
Pet taxi, health certificate, flight cost, Blanket, puppy packet, etc,
We can sometimes Provide Ground delivery for a fee of .85 Cents a mile.     
No charge for short distances,(up to 25 miles.)
We do accept Credit card Payments through Paypal, however we ask that you add
3% per hundred dollars to help offset the fees that paypal charges us.
Feel free to call us at 606-395-7246
Or e-mail us at
Sales agreement/Health guarantee/Contract

This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale. The buyer has a 48 hour guarantee in which
he/she is urged to have the puppy checked by a licensed vet. (Business Days) Email or call me with results for
our file. This will start your 6 month congenital defect guarantee! We will issue a new puppy if yours is found
to have a life Threatening congenital defect (heart, liver) within the first 9 months of the puppies life. We do
not give cash refunds.  (Must have documentations and proper test from a qualified Vet)
If the vet finds anything seriously wrong with the pup it will be exchanged for a similar pup at once or as soon
WITHIN THE 48 HOUR TIME PERIOD). If buyer does not live locally. he/she is to notify seller within a 48
hour time period to make arrangements for the return of the puppy. Once the puppy has cleared the initial
vet exam it will be understood that seller has provided a healthy pup and that the care of the pup is now in the
hands of the buyer. Tiny poodles, Chihuahua's and Yorkie's are very fragile when they are young and should
not be treated as children's toys. All Transporting/Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. No exchange will
be made after the 48 hour time period and no vet bills will be refunded... This pup is not guaranteed to be of
show or breeding quality. Color and size is not guaranteed, only estimated to best of our ability. (In the
unlikely event that the new owner wants the breeder/seller to buy back a pup, (and the breeder agrees) the
new owner will agree to forfeit 1/2 of the purchase price.)

Name and address of buyer__________________________________________________________________


Breed: ___________________ DOB:_______________ Gender:______________Color:  ________________

AKC number_________________________________ CKC number______________________________


Puppies are exchanged in the first 48 hours if all of the following are met;
1. The puppy is said to be unacceptable by a Vet within 48 hours of pickup.
2. There must be a Vet written statement explaining the problem.
3. The puppy must be returned alive within a 48 hour period.
4. We do not exchange or guarantee puppies against Hypoglycemic problems (Low BloodSugar) this is the
responsibility of the new owner. Ear Mites, Worms, or Fleas are not ground to return a puppy.
5. Out of state puppy buyers will have to pay shipping costs to replace a puppy.

By taking ownership of this puppy, I agree to abide by this agreement.

Buyers Signature__________________________________ Date ____________________

Sellers Signature__________________________________ Date_____________________

Date                                   Shots                                               Date          Dewormer
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