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My e-mail is uttspoodlesplus@hughes.net  but for some reason it seems that a whole lot of my
e-mail never makes it here So if it bounces back you can try e-mailing me at

...... If you e-mail me and I do not respond with in 24 hours Please try
again or call me at
Deposits are non-refundable but may be transferable under certain circumstances.
Balance on puppies need to be paid by the age of 8 weeks.
Located in Lovely KY.
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On this Page I have puppies that are special priced. I have to make room for new puppies and
these are all great babies it's just time for them to go to a forever home   
606-395-7246. Ask for Barbara

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We can not hold a puppy with out  a deposit. Please don't ask.
Breeding you should read this.
I know people don't realize just what kind of expense Breeders run into. Just to name the basics there is
Food: (a good quality food is NOT Cheap if you don't believe me check around)
Shots: (A puppy has to be vaccinated) NEVER buy a puppy that is not vaccinated!
Dewoming Medicine: In order to have a healthy puppy it must be de-wormed.
External Parasite control: A constant battle with Fleas, ticks, ear mites and other pest is just part of the Job. It's gotta be done.
Vet Bills: Have you been to the Vet lately? They are not cheap.. Even the most experienced breeder has to make trips to the vet.
Grooming supplies: check and see what a good set of clippers with cost you. I am not talking about something you can get in discount stores. Then you have got to get
blades, blade wash, cool lube, combs brushes, dryers,  These things have to be replaces they dont last forever.
Supplements: It is very common for a breeder to have to help supplement feed a litter, and give nutrical to small puppies on a regular basis. Calcium should be given to
the mothers.
Bedding: Dogs and puppies have to have Bedding and it wears out fast. A lot of breeders uses Pee pads to get the puppies started on house breaking. These are not free.
Travel: There are a lot of times when I can not leave the puppies alone and I have to either pay someone to watch the dogs or pay someone to run the Errands. This gets
Advertising: It cost to have a website and have it promoted. It cost to have ads on the internet, it cost to have ads in dog fancy, puppy Usa and other Magazines. I pay an
average of about 5000.00 - 8000.00 a year for advertising.
Now lets talk about work. Unless you are a breeder you never know just how much work goes into this. You have to do the feeding of the adult dogs, several feedings a day
for the puppies, Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning up after the puppies. Lots needs washed, bedding needs washed, shots and deworming needs to be giving regular.
Constant Bathing and Grooming, Pictures have to be taken and cropped and resized and Web pages have to be updated continuously. Ads have to be posted. Phone calls
answered and to be honest this can all be quite overwhelming. Some people can get pretty nasty and it can be emotionally and physically draining but it is part of the Job.
Please Take into consideration that I actually left out a LOT of stuff..
Tiny female Black and white Poodle puppy
Born 2/18/2012
500.00 pet price reserved
Sable toy poodle
female toy poodle
born 3/29/2012
Price 700.00 600.00 as a pet or 900.00 with akc Reg
Chihuhhua pup
black and tan female 400.00
Born on 1/23/2012