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My e-mail is uttspoodlesplus@hughes.net  but for some reason it seems that a whole lot of my
e-mail never makes it here... If you e-mail me and I do not respond with in 24 hours Please try
again or call me at 606-395-7246.
Located in The town of Lovely KY.
Please Read the Sales agreement/guarantee on The Sales agreement page. These are the
Terms in which I sell my puppies. You Must agree with these Terms BEFORE you buy a puppy.
I am going to be traveling From KY to central WV pretty often so if anyone wants to meet
me there or along the way to get a puppy please let me know.
Miley's Black male toy poodle
Dob: 4/8/2012
Miley's LIL Black female toy poodle
Dob: 4/8/2012
600.00 pet price